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Rebates and payments to see our psychologist in the Gold Coast or Online-Australia


Bloomfield Psychology provides a variety of services such as counselling, coaching, supervision for individuals, face to face  in our office in Burleigh- Gold Coast, or online anywhere in Australia. We also present mindfulness and compassion group program in Sydney, Canberra and Coolangatta-Gold Coast. 



To make an appointment, you can refer yourself to our service. You can also obtain a referral from your GP with a Mental Health Care Plan to access Medicare rebates.  You can also claim from Private Health Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance or Third Party Insurance or via an Employee Assistance Program.


Mental Health Care Plans (Medicare rebates)-Face to face individual sessions

If you believe that we can help, we would advise that you discuss it with your GP, or your specialist doctor. Ask your Doctor if he/she can do an initial Mental Health Care Plan assessment to establish if it is appropriate for you to be referred to a psychologist. With a Mental Health Care Plan, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions in the following 12 months of being issued.

Here are the Medicare rebates:

  • $126.65 for a 55 minutes clinical psychological session- Marie Bloomfield
  • $86.15 for a 55 minutes general psychological session- Judy McLachlan

Furthermore, you can process your claim with Medicare onsite, directly in our office following your payment.


Telehealth services under Medicare- Online sessions

Telehealth is a new measure to improve access to mental health treatment services with a psychologist for people in rural, remote locations (Modified Monash Model regions four to seven). People living or working in MMM 4 to 7 with a GP Mental Health Care Plan are eligible for Better Access and can receive up to 10 annual Better Access sessions via video conferencing (eg Skype or Facetime) with a psychologist.
With a Mental Health Care Plan, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate ($124.50) for 1-hour Online session with our clinical psychological for up to 10 sessions in the following 12 months of being issued.


For more information talk to your GP or contact us.




If you would like some assistance in your clinical work, you are most welcome to contact us to clarify your need and receive professional supervision. Marie Bloomfield is an AHPRA approved principal and secondary supervisor for psychologists on most pathways.  She can also support other mental health professionals either face to face or online via Skype or Facetime.


Payment and fees for Face to Face or Online sessions


At Bloomfield Psychology we believe that everyone should be able to access affordable, quality psychological counselling services, and we offer a very competitive rate. The cost of the initial session for a session with:

Julie McLachlan, psychologist, $140.00 (Medicare rebate $86.15)

Marie Bloomfield, clinical psychologist, $180.00 for an initial session (Medicare rebate 126.50) and follow-up sessions are $160.00 (Medicare rebate $126.50).

The cost of the session is processed at the same time as the  appointment and we now have facilities on site to process your rebate, which will be refunded by Medicare to your account straight away.


Appointments times: weekdays from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm

  • Bulk-billing is available for selected clients.

Payment is required at the end of each consultation.  For Online session on Skype or Facetime, payment is requested prior to the session.  We accept most credit cards or bank cards.

If you have a Mental Heath Care Plan  you will obtain a Medicare rebate of $126.50 for face to face or online session.

Full payment is required following each session and you can claim your rebate from Medicare directly in our office following the payment of the session.

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We are committed to helping you by providing a service that is effective, compassionate and affordable in the Gold Coast or anywhere in Australia.


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