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Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions about Medicare and our Psychology Services.  If you have more questions you are most welcome to contact us or Medicare.


1. Can I make an appointment to see a psychologist without a referral?
Yes, to see our psychologist there is no need for a referral. You can make an appointment with a psychologist without a referral from your GP or a psychiatrist. If you decide to do this you will need to pay the full amount for your sessions yourself.  

However, if you wish to claim a rebate through Medicare you will need to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP prior the first session with our psychologist.  You will need to make an appointment with your GP to discuss the possibility of a Mental Health Care Plan under the Better Access to Mental Health Initiative. Your GP will carry out an assessment to determine if you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan.

2. How much is the Medicare rebate?
If you have a referral from a GP or a psychiatrist for a Mental Health Care Plan you will be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate of

  • $126.50 for each session with a clinical psychologist
  • $86.15 for each session with a psychologist

for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. To be able to claim the Medicare rebate for your session you will need to bring a copy of your Mental Health Care Plan to your first appointment with the psychologist.

3. How much does it cost for a one-hour session?

Julie McLachlan, Psychologist

The cost of a session is $140.00. If you are claiming from Medicare the gap fee for each session is $54.00.  Julie only offers face to face session in her office.

Marie Bloomfield, Clinical Psychologist
The cost of an initial session is $180.00 and subsequent sessions are $160.00. If you are claiming from Medicare the gap fee for the first session is $55.50 and for subsequent sessions is $35.50.  The cost of a session online or face to face is the same.

4. Can I claim the rebate from Medicare in your office?

We have the facility for you to be able to claim your rebate onsite in our office, following your payment at the end of the session. Medicare will process the amount of the rebate $126.50 directly into your bank account.

3. How do I know if I am eligible for the Medicare rebate?
You will need to make an appointment with your GP who will assess whether you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan.

4. What is a Mental Health Care Plan?
A Mental Health Care Plan enables a client to attend a session with a psychologist and then claim from Medicare a partial rebate for the cost of this service.  A Medicare rebate will be available for a maximum of 10 individual services as well as up to 10 group therapy services per calendar year.
A Mental Health Care Plan is issued for an authorised number of sessions (maximum 6).  After the sixth session, the psychologist will provide a written report back to the referring practitioner.  The client must then make an appointment to review the plan with the doctor.  A further 4 sessions can then be authorised if required for the rest of the year.

A Mental Health Care Plan, otherwise known as an MHCP under item numbers 2700/2701 or 2715/2717, is a Plan written by your GP. It is for anyone who has a mental health issue that is impacting their ability to function. After an assessment with your GP, medication or further referral may be considered.  The creation of an MHCP takes time, so you will need to advise the GP's receptionist that you will require a 'long consult' so that they can allocate the time for you (usually a 30mins).  Your GP may ask you a series of questions about your situation and symptoms and may get you to fill out a short Questionnaire. The aim of this Plan is to set goals and to agree on the best form of treatment for you.

Can any other Doctor or Health Professional issue a Mental Health Care Plan?
Psychiatrists and Paediatricians are able to directly refer clients for allied mental health services and these services are then eligible for a Medicare rebate.

5. If I need more than 10 sessions with my psychologist can I claim additional sessions through Medicare?
Medicare rebates are payable up to a maximum of 10 individual sessions per calendar year.  If you do require additional sessions with your psychologist, no further Medicare rebates can be claimed. However, you may be able to claim if you have an extra cover with your Health Fund.  You will need to contact your Health Fund Provider to obtain more specific information about the rebates and cover available.

6. If I have a current valid Mental Health Care Plan(MHCP) but I wish to see another psychologist, not named on the plan, can I use it to see your psychologist at Bloomfield Psychology?
Yes, if you still have sessions available (maximum 10 per calendar year) you can use an existing current Mental Health Care Plan to see another registered psychologist that is a Medicare Provider.  You will need to bring a copy of your Mental Health Care Plan for your first visit to Bloomfield Psychology. You will be able to use the remaining number of sessions with us with your existing plan and you do not necessarily need to visit your GP again to get a new plan. However, it is polite to inform your GP of the change. If you have used 6 or more sessions, you will need to consult with your GP for a review of your existing plan. It is your choice and decision which psychologist you wish to attend for treatment and referrals are transferable between psychologists.

7. Can I claim a psychology session through both Medicare and Private Health?
No, for each session, you may only claim from either Medicare or a Private Health Fund. You cannot claim for both at the same time. Private Health Fund will not contribute towards the ‘gap’ between the Medicare rebate and the consultation fees.  Your receipt will have a code specific to either Medicare or Private Health depending on your requirements.

8. Does Medicare or my Private Health Fund pay a higher rebate?
Medicare pays rebates of $124.50 for our clinical psychologist Marie Bloomfield. You will need to contact your private health fund to enquire as to the rebate paid under your specific level of cover.

9. Do I have to visit a Medicare/Private Health Branch to claim the Rebate?
No, you can claim your rebate in our office on the day of your appointment, following the full payment for each session.  You don't need to apply for a Medicare rebate online or attend a branch. 

To claim from your Private Health Fund you will need to contact them directly and the receipt provided will enable you to apply for a rebate if you are eligible.

If you wish for further clarification on those questions or you have other questions please call Medicare on 132 011 or contact us


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