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Relationship and Attachment Repair

Gold Coast

Our psychologist in the Gold Coast, offers relationship and attachment repair to help you, to promote better relationships at home with your partner, spouse or children or at work with your co-workers. 


•    Do you often feel criticized, unappreciated, manipulated?
•    Are you unable to resolve or repair an argument?
•    Are you often angry and resentful?
•    Do you feel estranged from your spouse, partner or children?

If you answer yes to those questions, our psychologist may be able to help you.

Good relationships are essential to our well-being and daily life. Yet, relationships, whether with a spouse, child, parent, ex-partner or a colleague, can be complicated and, at times, challenging.

We all have a deep yearning for acceptance and understanding. We all wish to live in harmony with one another. However, it is normal in relationships to experience ups and down, with times of conflict.

Poor relationships are difficult to bear. Poor communication can lead to failures to resolve core issues causing lack of trust, resentment and more arguments. The problems could have started suddenly in the relationship or have developed over time. Often an external source of stress or changes can create excessive strain on relationships such as the birth of a child or a change in career or finance.

It is best to seek help early, before hurt and resentment set in. Relationship breakdowns are very distressing affecting mental and physical health and work productivity.

Research has found that criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling (silent disengaging and withdrawing) are the greatest cause of relationship break-down. It is important to start a discussion in an open way.  Discussion or arguments often finish the way they started. It is vital also to know how and when to repair or exit an argument in a relationship with your spouse, children or co-workers.

Our psychologist can help

In your relationship at home or at work:

Our psychologist can help you to re-built a relationship at home or at work, by exploring communication styles, to resolve conflict. Through improving the relationship and communication skills, you may be able to repair the relationship and restore good will. Growth and strength can be gained, when differences are resolved.

But if you are still unsure, about leaving or restoring the relationship, our psychologist can help you to decide the best course of action for you. And if you decide,  that you wish to live separate lives, our psychologist can give you the support you need to be able to get through this difficult period.

In your relationship with your children and parenting

The demands for parenting are constant and our communication and relationship skills can be greatly tested.  Despite the rewards and joy, we can find the pressure of parenting frustrating and at times confusing. We can worry about our children and their future. You are not alone.

Our psychologist understands the challenges of parenting and will support you, without judgement with your parenting concerns.


How our psychologist can help

Bloomfield Psychology offers evidence-based approaches, to improve relationships with your spouse, partner, co-workers or children.

Our psychologist will listen to you, provide an assessment and then present strategies to meet your specific needs and circumstances. Together, you will explore practical and effective ways to resolve your relationship challenges and to reach your goals.

If you wish for more information or to make an appointment face to face at our office in the Gold Coast or Online anywhere in Australia,

you can ring 0427795721 or email marie@bloomfieldpsychology.com.au

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