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Telehealth Psychological Counselling and Therapy Online


Therapy online can be just as personal and effective as face to face in an office. However, there are a few things to consider in order to get the most out of your online session.

Therapy online can be done via the internet, using your phone, laptop or iPad/tablet.
It is important to create a private, safe and comfortable space for your session.

Privacy, Safety, Comfort and Minimum Distractions

•    To be at ease and comfortable during the session, you need a space where you feel safe and private to be able to talk freely.  It is best to make a time when you will be alone in a room, where the door is closed, where you will not be interrupted at home or work.
•    Consider what you will need to be comfortable- water, tissues and so on, good temperature.
•    Find a space and time where there will be a minimum of distractions from people, pets, children.
•    It is best to silence other devices.
•    If it is available, you can use the headphone with a microphone


Technology and Screen

For a telehealth video call, we mostly use Zoom but if you prefer another platform of communication you are most welcome to discuss this before your appointment.


  • If you are happy to use Zoom, a link and password will be emailed to you for each session. We wish for each session to be private and confidential. This link is unique between you and your psychologist and will be sent for each appointment.
  • As you click on the link your meeting will open (launch in zoom) for the online session with your psychologist Marie Bloomfield. You can log in early, if you wish, so you initially be in a waiting room until the time your appointment begins. At the beginning of each session, your camera and microphone will be turned off and you will need to turn them on, when you are ready to start.
  • It is important to ensure that you have a good reliable internet connection. Although if there are difficulties, we could use the phone with audio-only.  It is important for your psychologist to have your phone number as a backup.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in.
  • It is easier and more comfortable if you have a stand for the device you use, placing it on a desk or stable surface. It is best to avoid holding the device with your hand for the duration of the session.


If you have more concerns or questions about any aspects of meeting online for telehealth, you are most welcome to contact me 0427795721 or email marie@bloomfieldpsychology.com.au

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