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You don't have to keep struggling on your own! Everybody experiences difficult times when they need to reach out. Asking for counselling from a psychologist when you are having difficulties is a positive step.  Actually, you could be preventing the problems from escalating into a greater crisis. Asking for a counselling session from a psychologist can be the best decision you can make in difficult times.

Bloomfield Psychology is a registered psychological practice based in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast that offers psychological counselling to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, pain and trauma. Our psychologist, Marie Bloomfield can help you to make your life easier at home and in the workplace. Marie can support you to deal with various challenges such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, difficult relationships, finding support with parenting issues, assisting you in losing weight or dealing with stress at work.

Marie Bloomfield is a highly trained clinical psychologist and has over thirty years of experience in psychology and counselling. She has been a registered clinical psychologist since 1990 and is a recognized Medicare provider including provision for telehealth for remote and rural areas. Marie Bloomfield over the years has been able to help hundreds of people to deal with a variety of issues from stress, insomnia, anxiety, fears, panic attacks, depression, relationships, parenting, pain, trauma and weight loss. She can help you to meet your challenges, to reach your goals and to live a fulfilling, rewarding life at home and at work.

Bloomfield Psychology aims to deliver the highest standards of care in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast and Online (Skype and Facetime).  Marie Bloomfield is mindful to provide you with a safe, confidential and private space to help you to feel comfortable, to discuss and resolve issues that are concerning you.


How Our Psychologist Can Help

Marie Bloomfield wishes to support you to navigate your life's challenges and reach your own goals. She listens to you in an accepting, non-judgmental way so you feel relaxed and able to discuss the issues in your life that are troubling you.  During the sessions, she will listen to you to assess your own personal circumstances. She can help you to resolve your difficulties in your own particular way. The overall aim is to assist you to gain more coping strategies to promote resilience, well-being and positive relationships and whatever else you feel you need. This counselling and psychology practice is situated in a calm and private setting in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast.
Marie Bloomfield uses evidence-based approaches from the forefront of psychology such as mindfulness, self-compassion, compassion-focused therapy, positive psychology and cognitive behaviour therapy that have been proven to be effective through extensive research in clinical psychological studies. We have also found that the psychological counselling sessions are equally effective when delivered online through Skype or Facetime.
Marie Bloomfield offers Mindful Executive Coaching to manage work stress to improve performance and promote happiness at work. In addition, Marie Bloomfield is qualified to assist psychologists and other health professionals for mentoring and supervision.

Marie Bloomfield, in addition, will present regular programs on  mindfulness and self-compassion for everyone and for professionals at the Kirra Hill Community Centre, Coolangatta. We also offer a program once a year in Sydney and Canberra.  For more information visit MindfulPath.


Mindfulness and Self-Compassion courses.


If you are interested to learn mindfulness and self-compassion, in a group you can visit our other website  Mindfulpath for our multiple mindful self-compassion courses and workshops in the Gold Coast, Sydney and Canberra.  We offer also private group training and workshops to organisations, business and community groups as requested.  

For more information or to register for the mindfulness and self-compassion programs you can click here to visit MindfulPath.


Burleigh Waters, Qld 4220

Psychologist Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast


Anxiety & Stress Reduction

Feeling stress and anxiety is normal when facing challenges. But too much stress or anxiety can become a problem. Our psychologist can help you to restore calm, to gain resilience and well-being.


Relationship and Parenting

Our relationships with our spouse, partner, children, coworkers and family are vital for our sense of well-being. Our psychologist can help you to improve your relationship to live with more peace and harmony.

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Better sleep

Our psychologist can help you to develop healthy long-term strategies to improve your sleep so that you feel more rested and refreshed in the morning.


Weight Loss

If you are over-weight, the chances are that you know what to do, but find it difficult to stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our psychologist can help you to harness the power of your mind to reach your goal.


Depression Therapy

Do you find yourself feeling down, unmotivated, irritable and hopeless? You are not alone! Our psychologist can help you to regain motivation, purpose, satisfaction and the joy of living.


Grief and Loss Counselling

Grieving is triggered by the lost of somebody very important in our lives. In a caring and compassionate way, our psychologist can help you to ease your grief, to restore a sense of balance, control and meaning.


Pain & Illness Management

Illnesses and chronic pain have a devastating impact in your life. Alongside your medical treatment, our psychologist can support you to reduce suffering for a more meaningful life.


Supervision or Coaching

Our psychologist offers face to face as well as Online sessions, to help you to meet your professional challenges, to reduce burnout, to gain skills in mindfulness and self-compassion to succeed in your workplace.