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This is a short centring practice to bring you back into the present moment with kindness. You can do this practice anytime you like, for a few seconds to a few minutes, first thing as you wake up in the morning or when going to bed at night, before or after meals or while you are waiting for something. You can also engage in this practice when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed or when you feel the need for an extra dose of courage or easing from suffering. This practice is an anchor for your attention, to bring your mind and body back together in the present moment in easy as well as in difficult moments. The more you practice it, the more powerful it becomes, enabling you to access your inner strength and wisdom.

This practice can be as short or as long as you wish. You can simply just gently pat your heart, becoming present and aware or you can continue with the other steps if you want to take longer to explore this practice.


1.    Gently rest your hand on your heart.  
With kindness and with the intention to support yourself as a good friend would, you can begin patting gently, your chest, on the right side where your heart is, with the palm of your hand. You can mindfully explore what feels best for you at this moment: patting your heart soft or hard, slow or fast, or simply resting your hand on your chest, feeling the comfort of the warmth and pressure of your hand. You can also gently rub, stroke or massage your heart; doing what feels comforting for you at this moment.

2.    Slowing the breath
To continue you can become aware of your breath, intentionally slowing your breath a little by focusing on a long exhale. Doing this for a few breaths.  If you like you can also imagine breathing in and out of your heart for a few more breaths.

3.    Smiling to yourself with an inner smile. Greeting yourself with a smile, like you would smile at a friend and imagine being in the loving presence of a good friend.

4.    Saying something to yourself that is uplifting and comforting as you would say to a good friend. Here are some themes and examples of phrases you can say to yourself as you are patting/stroking your heart. Finding one or two phrases that are just right for you at this moment.

•    Attending to yourself as a friend, saying to yourself something like: "I am here for you, I'm sorry that this is happening, to you, I care about you, You are important to me".

•    Offering yourself some loving-kindness: May I be well, May I make peace with this, May I be strong, May I have the courage that I need, May I give myself the kindness that I need, May I be happy. You can also send the same wishes to someone you care about.

•    Remembering something that you are grateful for, ask yourself: What went well today or yesterday? What am I looking forward to? Thinking of someone or something you love and appreciate.

•    Recalling your intention, asking yourself: What is meaningful to me, now? What is my heart’s desire now? How do you want to show up? Which value would I like to express now at this moment or in the near future? What is my intention at this moment or in the near future?

Once you finish this practice resume your daily activity focusing on what is important for you.  Enjoy this practice and may you be kind to yourself.



 If you would like more information or if you wish to send us some feedback about this practice,  please email marie@bloomfieldpsychology.com.au