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Rebates and Payments to see our psychologist


Bloomfield Psychology provides a variety of services from individual counselling, coaching, supervision to group training programs.

You can refer yourself to our service or access the services with a referral from your  GP with a Mental Health Care Plan to access Medicare rebates.  You can also claim from Private Health Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance or Third Party Insurance or via an Employee Assistance Program.

Personal Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring - No Referral required

You can access our services directly without a referral if you feel that talking to a psychologist would help in your current situation in your personal life or at work.

Mental Health Treatment Plans (Medicare rebates)-Individual sessions

If you are currently dealing with a problem that you believe we can help, discuss it with your GP, Psychiatrist or Pediatrician. Ask your Doctor if he/she will do an initial Mental Health Care Plan assessment to establish if it is appropriate for you to be referred to a psychologist. With a Mental Health Care Plan, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate ($124.65) for 1-hour clinical psychological counselling session for up to 10 sessions in the following 12 months of being issued. Under exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible for 16 sessions per year.

Chronic Disease Management (Medicare)

If you suffer from a chronic medical condition for a minimum of 6 months or more and you are being managed by your GP for this problem this option is for you. Some of the conditions accepted under this scheme are asthma, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, some chronic pain or musculoskeletal conditions. It allows for 5 sessions with any registered allied health professional included psychologists.




If you would like some assistance in your clinical work please contact us. Marie Bloomfield is an AHPRA approved principal and secondary supervisor for psychologists on most pathways.  We can also support other mental health professionals.

Payment and fees

Payment is required at the end of each consultation if it is face to face and prior the session if it is on Skype. We request that the payment is made by cash, direct bank deposit or through PayPal. You can pay by cash or you can use a credit card.

Appointments times: weekdays from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm

Individual session rate: $180.00- $230.00 for 1 hour and  $270.00-$345.00 for 1.5 hour

Discount rate (student/pensioner/financial hardship/unemployed): $170.00 for 1 hour and $240.00 for 1.5 hour

Supervision rate: $170.00 for 1 hour and $250.00 for 1.5 hour

Assessment and report: $170-$250 per hour

We are committed to helping you by providing a service that is confidential, caring, compassionate and effective


Psychological Services:

Groups: Group rates are available on request

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