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Coaching, Mentoring, Supervision- Australia Wide via Skype

We offer face to face as well as Skype sessions for your convenience.

In addition to Clinical Psychological Services, we offer Counselling, Coaching and Supervision where we aim to promote resilience, well-being, and a sense of self-determination to pursue your personal and or career goals. You can access those services either by attending in person, our office in Canberra or by contacting us through Skype.

Skype sessions

Online Psychological Counselling, Coaching or Supervision can help you to restore a sense of control and well-being. We invite you to Skype Marie Bloomfield in the comfort and privacy of your own home from anywhere in Australia or the world. No need to travel or wait, you can get the support and help that you need in a most flexible and convenient way.

Marie Bloomfield has used the internet with great success to work with clients or to provide clinical supervision to psychologists and other health professionals who are unable to attend the office or simply choose online consultations.

Marie Bloomfield is available to meet in her office or via Skype or telephone sessions and can communicate with you in French or in English. We are also offering email follow-ups, self-help handouts and cd audio tracks. Skype, telephone counselling, and emails follow-up have many advantages as well as being highly effective. Please note that all Skype-to-Skype voice, video, file transfers and instant messages are now encrypted for greater privacy.

Depending on your circumstances, locations and needs you may find that a combination of those modalities suits you best. We have helped many such as busy professionals, celebrities, business travellers, those living in other areas, with limited available time or who are permanently/temporarily incapacitated.

Through online therapy, coaching or supervision, we aim to provide a service to people who are unable to attend our office for various reasons. We will endeavour to protect your privacy. The sessions are made by appointments and you decide where and when they occur.

Session payments are via a bank account deposit or PayPal. Payment must be received prior to beginning the session.

For more information please ring us or visit the contact page to make an appointment.


Counselling can help you resolve specific difficulties or relationship problems in a short number of sessions.  Counselling sessions are solution-focused where we assist you in dealing with a specific problem or crisis; clarify issues, explore options, increase understanding, problem-solving and develop strategies.

Psychotherapy and counselling are often used interchangeably since they have similar functions in helping people to make positive changes in their lives to gain greater well-being and happiness.  Psychotherapy often means dealing with on-going general conditions such as stress, anxiety, fears, depression whereas counselling usually refers to specific life problems or crisis and is more short-term.


Coaching can be a very powerful way to develop yourself personally and in the workplace to boost your performance but also to bring more meaning, engagement, positive emotions, sense of accomplishment and better relationships into your life.  It can also be preventative; resolving work stress and problems before they escalate into crisis.

Coaching can follow Counselling once the specific problem is resolved where coaching is more about self-development and preventing further crisis.

Counselling and Coaching can help you in the following:

-learn to manage stress, anxiety and specific fears,

-find ways to ease struggles and suffering

-review your life values and goals,

-re-wire your brain to gain a more optimistic outlook and positive feelings,

-to obtain more sense of accomplishment,

-feel more engaged and connected,

-achieve a work and home life balance,

-resolve conflicts and communicate more effectively

-nurture or improve relationships in your personal life and in the work place

-be more present, savour the good times, be grateful

-be less critical of oneself and motivate self in a positive, strengthening manners

-build emotional resources for greater resilience

Research has shown that happy people have a strong immunity system, enjoy good health, satisfying relationship and live longer.  We can help you create a vision of your life with a sense of purpose, focusing on what you desire and uncover strategies to achieve your goals and a greater level of happiness and well-being.

We have supported numerous clients to successfully achieve specific personal or professional goals. The objective is to optimize your strengths while promoting, awareness, ability to pay attention, positive emotions and connections with others so you can enjoy the life that you have or create a better life for yourself and others.

Approaches used in Counselling and Coaching sessions

Our Counselling and Coaching sessions consist in part of learning a new skill in Mindfulness, Cognitive re-framing, Self-Compassion and Positive Psychology to promote resilience, well-being and positive relationships to achieve your full potential. We incorporate the latest research finding in psychology and neuroscience.  Most of all, we are solution-focused where we encourage you to discover your strengths and what works for you and to come up with your own answers, conclusions and solutions.  We will encourage you to problem-solve, to explore your own personal core values, set goals and ways to achieve them.


You may seek supervision in order to gain registration to become a Psychologist or you may seek Supervision to enhance the quality of care delivery.  Supervision can give you the support that you feel is lacking in your work place which can make you feel unappreciated, defensive and contribute to burn out.

Supervision serves two functions; being supportive as well as educative. We offer a non-judgmental approach to sustain and inspire you. We will encourage you to learn new skills and explore how you can apply them in your own unique way for the benefit of your clients. 

Supervision is a time of self-refection where you can debrief challenging situations, being free to review situations and explore various perspectives and protocols.  We believe that supervision should be a rewarding experience that provides you with the support that you need to increase your level of confidence, well-being and skills.  We can help you to develop further your level of skills in evidence-based practices such as in the clinical applications of Mindfulness (MBSR, MBCT, ACT), Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Positive Psychology.

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